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25 lb flour costco

Costco can be a great place to find good deals on the foods you eat every day. But there are a few areas where your local grocery store or a big box store like Walmart and Target can offer better value for your money. That's especially true when it comes to size. Because Costco generally sells products in bulk, to get the most out of your purchase, you need to make sure you can consume the larger quantities of a product before it goes bad.

For ordinary families or individuals, that can be a high bar to clear. Here are the eight types of groceries she and other experts suggest that the average shopper should think twice before buying in bulk at Costco:.

If you compare these items, especially the Kirkland brand, to similar products you'd find at the grocery store simply on price, Costco usually wins.

However, the reason grocery experts put these items in the "don't buy" category comes down to the size.

25 lb flour costco

The containers or packages are simply too big to end up being a good value for the average person. Sure, some folks with big families, an extra freezer or lots of pantry space may think these are a good deal. In many cases, though, you'll end up throwing a good portion of the food away or struggle to find room for it in your home. That's especially true on items like soy sauce, spice mixes and produce. That's because, even if it's stored properly, fresh spinach will usually only last 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator, according to shelf-life guide site StillTasty.

Large quantities can also be unwieldy to store. Though grocery stores usually sell flour in 5-pound sacks, Costco sells it in pound packages, and it can be difficult to find space for all of that. That's a whole year's worth of flour in advance," Haugsven says. For other items, such as cereal, milk and eggs, you can find normal quantities of these items at similar prices at your local grocery or big box store during a sale.

For example, Haugsven reports she buys the typical dozen eggs at Walmart for 32 cents an egg. Her local Costco sells eggs for 31 cents each, but you have to buy them in quantities of two dozen at a time. Cereal, especially the name brand variety, is also often a good buy at your local grocery store, big box store and even at the drugstore.

Overall, "I think everyone is getting super competitive with Costco and I don't think, in order to save money on your groceries, you necessarily have to shop there," Haugsven says. Over 94 million members pay to access the chain's best products. And there's no denying that membership grants you access to some great deals.

Costco typically doesn't mark up products more than 14 percent, whereas grocery stores mark up more in the range of 25 percent, Demer says.

Still, Demer says, it pays to diversify a bit and have a routine that includes multiple stores. Like this story? Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox. All Rights Reserved. Skip Navigation. VIDEO Here's how to tell if a Costco membership is worth it—and what you should The Bill Gates-backed start-up fighting world hunger with long-lasting avocados.

Master Class. This start-up takes food waste from grocery stores and turns it into fertilizer. Make It. If you're willing to shop around those sales, you're going to pay less.Whether you're making the perfect flaky pie crust or chewy chocolate chip cookies, all purpose flour is a must-have. Use it for all your baking needs from making breads, cookies, muffins, scones, cakes and more. This bulk bag holds 25 pounds of all-purpose flour. A great staple to have on hand, you'll always have what you need to make delicious baked goods.

This flour combines hard and soft wheats and is bleached, enriched, malted and certified Kosher.

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Bleached flour creates a softer texture in foods. You can use this all-purpose flour to bake just about anything. You can rely on it every time for a range of delicious uses.

Store Flour in Bulk for the Long Haul

Great in a home kitchen, the value size makes this flour a favorite in the food service industry as well. Indispensable for home bakers, it's essential in desserts. For the perfect base for your favorite pie, use this all-purpose flour to make a flaky, buttery crust. It's great in quick breads, cakes and cookies—just about anything when it comes to baked goods. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Search When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

Cart 0. Shop by department. Why We Love This Whether you're making the perfect flaky pie crust or chewy chocolate chip cookies, all purpose flour is a must-have.

About this item Great for a wide variety of baking needs Enriched bleached flour Perfect for food service Kosher. Top Rated. Enter a ZIP Code. Shipping costs based on ZIP Code.

ZIP Code. Pick it up. Add to list. Multi-Purpose Flour Uses Great in a home kitchen, the value size makes this flour a favorite in the food service industry as well. Assembled Country United States. Component Country USA. Shipping Info Standard - null to null business days Premium - 2 to 4 business days.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site.

I make all our bread, buns and rolls so we go through a fifty pound bag of flour every two to three months. However Costco has stopped carrying bread flour. They still have large bags of all-purpose flour, but no more bread flour.

Note the overlapping areas. So your flour will be good for making bread, but you may have problems when you use the flour for cookies or cake.

But back to the point of this post, I need a new source of bread flour. I think the sale ends tomorrow or the day after. I got six. Just leave a comment. I have just as good luck with regular or white whole wheat when I add 1Tbls. I really like the white whole wheat flour.

This is very disheartening! I got my bread flour at Costco, too. Hope this information helps others, Mike. I guess it must be a regional thing. I am also looking for a place to buy bread flour which was discontinued at Costco in nj. The first is Costco Business Center.

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Don't Miss A Single Thing.It's barely above a cake flour.

At least what's available in MY area is.

Costco Stops Carrying Bread Flour

I had to call ConAgra to get this information and if you are in some other part of the country it's going to be different. Unlike King Arthur, Con Agra does not mill their wheat to meet any particular definition of what we would typically think of as "bread flour" or "all purpose flour".

All Purpose Flour coming out of that mill is 9. Kyrol "high gluten" flour is I could have sworn the bags I bought actually did say it was bromated, but I've long since repackaged the flour and tossed the bags. It'll be a couple of weeks yet before I can get to Costco to double check that.

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Or at least I have, up to now. No wonder none of my AP bread recipes were coming out! And I guess maybe some of the credit for the success I've finally had with pie crust is due to the flour rather than my increased prowess at pie making. Even the ConAgra Harvest Bread flour is too low in protein to actually qualify as a bread flour - it's slightly lower in protein than King Arthur's All Purpose flour! Most national store brands of AP flour are nominally listed at National brands have a bigger stake in maintaining some level of consistency I guess.

I'm talking Pillsbury, Gold Medal, etc. It should be roughly equivalent for recipes on the King Arthur website that call for AP flour. Keep in mind, I don't work for ConAgra. However, this is what I understand about their Harvest flour:. Do those specs bear out in your baking i. Being clear on the other side of the country and across the ocean your ConAgra Harvest would not have been coming from the same mill as mine here in the SE.

I can't say how it compares without checking specifically with ConAgra. People need to be careful about equating this particular brand to other brands because according to ConAgra, it WILL vary widely depending on which mill it's coming out of.

If the flour you had was 9. As you said, this is far too low to be AP, and ConAgra should've labeled it accordingly. Regardless of where it's grown or where it's milled, ConAgra and every other flour company has specific labels for specific flours based on the type of wheat, protein content, ash content If the flour doesn't fit the label, then it should be in a different bag.

Don't buy these 8 foods at Costco, experts say

This may be great for people who want a bulk source for cake, pastry, or biscuit flour, but not so great when you're trying to make bread. The other thing that fooled me was thinking that because Costco is a national chain, the flour they sell under the same brand lable would be consistent across stores. Therefore I was going by the few reports from other people about the protein content of this flour. These reports were no doubt accurate for the specific regions where those people live, but not for me here in the SE.

All this time I've been beating myself up and blaming my poor Zojirushi, it was the flour all along, LOL! Sadly, apparently I have to give up the idea that I've finally figured out how to make a flaky pie crust. It's much easier not to screw pie crust up when you're actually starting with pastry flour, LOL!

Let me reiterate, the actual protein content of their AP and bread flours varies from region to region. The stats I listed are valid only for the SE region. There are many recipes that work fine with AP or flour at the lower end of high protein resulting in a great loaves characterized as slightly softer texture rather than overly chewey which can result from very high protein levels.

Many of the well known books say that bread results are more influenced by technique rather thant protein per se. Dan Leader's "Local Breads" on p18 says "Home bakers often assume that more protein makes better bread, but the best hand-crafting bakers like a balanced flour, between In stock at Mountain View, Showers Dr.

Great Value Pure Sugar is an essential addition to your kitchen pantry. This granulated sugar has a wonderful rich flavor, contains only 15 calories per serving, and can be added to a variety of food and beverages.

Try adding some into your morning coffee or tea, sprinkling onto your cereal or oatmeal, dusting on top of your favorite desserts, or incorporating into your favorite baking recipes.

The convenient pound bag is the perfect size to fulfill all your baking needs and fit nicely into your pantry. Reach for Great Value Pure Sugar and add a touch of sweetness to your day!

25 lb flour costco

Please keep this product in stock Bulkbeekeepers like myself and many others in our area feed sugar syrup to our bees this time of year. It is critical to the winter survival of our honey bees! An Apiary Bee Yard discount would even be better, the benefit to our enviroment is well known.

You can visit our website HameysBees. I received this 25 pound bag of sugar today. It was packaged well enough, wrapped in plastic too in case of spillage but there was none. Inside the store, I usually purchase the 10 pound bags so to me, 25 pound bags isn't a huge amount.

I filled a couple of extra large jars and my counter canister with the contents of this bag. We do use a lot of sugar, especially in the summer I make a pitcher of tea per day and in goes about a cup of sugar to each pitcher. Then of course, this time of year during the holidays, I tend to bake more sweets. This sugar is so white and shiny like glistening snow Its sugar, what can I say LOL. The 25 pound bags are easy to lift- thank goodness and went into my pantry without much complaining.

It really is a better deal to buy sugar in this size if you do any amount of baking or, like me, canning and preserving. Of course having someone bring them to my door I bought 4 was nice as well!

25 lb flour costco

This bag of sugar came in a ziplock plastic bag and arrived very nicely like it should the previous big bag of sugar arrived torn open and all over everything in the box and not salvageable so we were very happy and thankful that you took the extra care to put it in a plastic bag, thankyou for being so wonderful please thank the person who packed it. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to high volume, we can't respond to individual comments.

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17 Of The Best Healthy Costco Snacks

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Tell us your specialty and title and get flaired. I bought a 25lb bag of flour from Costco because it was cheaper per Oz, how do I store it and preserve it? Ingredient Question self.

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I learned the now-unforgettable lesson when developing the recipe for the baguette. I called everyone I could think of, and somewhere along the line someone suggested that maybe it was the flour. What I was using was three years old. I bought a new batch and the favorable results forever changed the way I think about the shelf life of any dry ingredient.

No ifs, ands, or buts. As flour ages, it loses its strength. Only cake flour, which is chlorine bleached, seems to have a virtually indefinite shelf life, if stored airtight.

Excess oxidation is the enemy of good bread.Since its commercial introduction by Koda Farms, Inc. The King Arthur All-Purpose flour developed into a moderately firm but sticky dough compared to the standard. A lb bag of Riceland Rice sells for. Frankly, since flour in the grocery stores is very difficult to find here in the Washington, DC area ditto for yeastgrabbing the pound bag of AP flour at Costco was fine by me.

Meanwhile, Costco is usually out of riceonly found once in last 4 visits, and it was Jasmine which my kids actually warmed up too. Can hold 5 pounds of flour. Prices and selection may vary by store, so check your local Costco for availability.

I saw the Domino brand on sale at Jewel for. But please if nada else go get a 25 pound sack of flour from Costco and learn how to bake a descent loaf of bread. Item Add. We also have mostly full bags of bread flour and whole wheat flour, plus corn meal, just due to the fact that I bake bread regularly anyway.

This strain of E. Other Membership Perks. The new recall for King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour is an King Arthur Flour, in association with ADM Milling Company, announced a voluntary national recall of specific lots of its Unbleached All-Purpose Flour in 5-pound and pound bags because of the Costco offers similar gift card deals for restaurants, amusement parks, and even regional tourist attractions.

Bulk bakery sugar is a required ingredient to have on hand in any restaurant, kitchen or bakery. It comes in the industry standard food-grade bag that is folded over in a heavy box for shipment. This high protein blend is milled from Northern hard red spring wheat. Try it today! See terms. Each 3-pound bag costs. Best used for any type of bread due to its higher gluten content and has a robust flavor. I can shop on Amazon if I have to, for things I can't get locally.

And flour is attractive to critters. The Richmond Costco is 30 miles from my house.

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