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Icom 718 power supply

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icom 718 power supply

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Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. The Icom IC is the perfect rig for those who like me want something affordable and easy to operate. Touch screens and menus do not interest me. What interests me is a rig that I can put on the air and operate without having to refer to the manual before I can turn it on.

This rig just works. It's not fancy. It just works. I actually have two of them as I bought a second one with the intention of running hf mobile with it.

icom 718 power supply

But since I traded vehicles before I could do so and this won't fit in my new onethe second one is in my shack and i use it as a receiver for my SWL activities for which it works phenomenally well. If there was anything I would change on this transceiver, it would be: A: have the option for two internal filters so I could have a CW filter AND a SSB filter B: have the ability to turn the keyer on and off with a button on the front panel instead of having to go into the internal setup menu I like to switch between a straight key and a paddle and I'd love to be able to leave them both connected at the same time with a "Y" cord.

Having owned this rig for a little over a year now I remain convinced I made the right choice. While it isn't the perfect rig for everyone, it is the perfect rig for me. Time Owned: more than 12 months. I swap them out every six months. I have been looking at the IC since it first came out almost 20 years ago. I liked the simple basic operation, minimum use of "menus" compared to other modern radios and especially the fact that it has been in production since ! That says something!

I've always been a casual CW and SSB operator, so I don't need all the bells and whistles that's available today on much more expensive radios. I paid the same amount for my TSS when I got it new in '77, so the value for the money is outstanding!

It took a little bit to figure out the memory operation, but once I did, that's the mode I always use, now.This 4 x 9 x 9 inches radio is a compact device with a moderate sized LCD display.

The VFO tuning knob is large enough for easy spinning.

icom 718 power supply

A feature like TS function is present to allow easy tuning over a broad spectrum and quickly. A desired frequency can be dialled in through the numerical keypad at the corner. There are other notable features including standard DSP board, easy connection to the desktop and memory storage for your favourite frequencies.

The radio has a solid built depicting a military-like body. The biggest of the biggest advantage? Easiest operation. Transmission on all ham bands ranging from 10m to m is an attractive feature while the icom is fitted with an IF shift function which rejects interference.

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This means that you can easily shift the frequency of IF passband electronically resulting in reduced adjacent interference. The basic performance of an ic is quite superior while the general coverage capacity is about 0.

Because of the nearby and the interference signals within the bands, the IMD reception is higher due to the usage of the four elements for the first receiver mix.

These capabilities in the DSP enable the following additional qualities:. The icom ic for sale is comprised of a microphone compressor which reduces distortion. If we talk about icom vs then definitely ic has superior audio output level. The reduction is distortion and increment in audio output level causes the communication power to become even stronger. Most people do not like having to follow intricate procedures to operate a device.

A difficult instruction manual automatically becomes very unattractive to the customer. The main reason for the demand of this radio is that it is quite simple to operate. The radio has lesser amount of switches in comparison while the auto-tuning automatically reduces your time consumption with the device. The manual is listed with all possible twitches you might face and if you are a complete beginner then you can also learn to set frequencies with it. Click here to download the IC Manual.

The icom is loaded with additional features and accessories which already makes it an attractive choice at first glance.

Following are some of the additional equipment you receive with your icom for sale. You will find all the electronics a little tricky but if you are new to this hobby and want to excel in it then the IC is the best option to start with.

It will save you a lot of effort if later you want to shift to something intricate. You can apply for your Technician license as soon as you order because there are no restrictions for buying. Overall, the icom has more features than its competitor am radios of the same price. Try it yourself. The second reason is that Amazon loves to delights the customers.

Amazon is a store where the consumer is always treated with gloves: whatever happens to the goods you will always have a person on the other hand able to help you with professionalism and courtesy. Amazon will never abandon you in the midst of a problem and you will always find a solution if your ICOM ICis arrived damaged or if you made a mistake ordering something. We do not know you, but we are always at work and we always are not at home to receive the goods.

The convenience of getting the goods where you want is undoubtedly one of the greatest support Amazon has to offer to you. And what if things really go wrong? Amazon warrants free refund for any reason, within 30 days. You will not have to justify it for any reason. Finally, Amazon offers the free shipping: if you spend more than few dollars, and with the ICOM IC plus few accessories you will have zero problems.

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Icom IC-718 Review: All-Band HF Radio

Hello everyone. I have an existing 12 volt power supply that puts out about 20 amps, I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this will work or whether I really need a The specs say it will operate down to Anyways have any experience with this rig??

Are you sure the power supply is putting out exactly 12 volts? What kind of power supply is it? As for the icom, it might drop a little power, but if it does it would probably not be noticeable to anyone else. You can always try it and see before you have to buy another PS. Hello Grog.

Its a computer power supply. I enable the power on pin to switch it on, then load down the 5v rail to stabilize it. I've measured about I am very pleased with it, it does not cause me any noise issues.

Grog said:. I'm not going to pretend to be smart enough to say if there are any issues with using a computer power supply with a w HF radio, but I bet there are people who have done it. I would likely go with a PS designed for radios, with the samlex being the top choice, even over astron.The IC is equipped with a minimum number of buttons and controls for simple feature selection. The key pad on the front panel allows direct entry of an operating frequency or a memory channel number.

The auto tuning step function is activated when turning the dial quickly and helps speed up tuning. The band stacking register is convenient when changing operating bands. The IC has the speaker mounted on the front panel.

With the speaker facing the operator, audio will be heard clearly and directly while operating. The optional DSP unit gives you noise reduction and auto notch filter functions for extra receiver performance. The LCD display may have cosmetic imperfections that appear as small or dark spots. This is not a malfunction or defect, but a normal characteristic of LCD displays. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. We use cookies to improve your online experience of this website.

If you continue to browse without changing your settings, we will assume that you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can also click the "Agree" button to accept our policy, then this message does not appear in the future. Simple Operation The IC is equipped with a minimum number of buttons and controls for simple feature selection. The IC has 0. General Frequency coverage Differs according to version Tx: 1.

Hand microphone DC power cable Spare fuses May differ depending on the version. Tx: 1. SSB 2.Every good emergency communications set up is going to include some sort of All Band HF radio. When looking for a good base station, one of the radios that we really like to recommend is the Icom IC The Icom IC is a W all-band radio that covers transmissions on the 1.

The Icom is a great base station that can also pull double duty as a field rig during emergencies. It has an output power range from 2—W, giving it the ability to run on very little power or to be used as a QRP rig.

As far as HF rigs go, the IC is a damn good, budget friendly radio that is fairly simple to use and will serve as a good emergency coms base station that you can count on when things go bad.

Then I would start experimenting and building my own antennas! This radio does not have an internal antenna tuner, but like I mentioned above I run all my radios through an external tuner to begin with.

The one I have is probably years old, and the only thing wrong with it as this point is the meter lightbulb is dead. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Icom IC Instruction Manual 87 pages. Icom ic Instruction Manual 72 pages.

icom 718 power supply

Use Icom microphones only supplied or optional. Connects to ground. Goes to ground when transmitting. SEND When grounded, transmits. Data line for the optional AT Band voltage output. Page Installation And Connections In this case, an antenna tuner is useful to match the transceiver and antenna. Low SWR allows full power for transmitting even when using the antenna tuner. Refer to the diagrams below.

If this level is exceeded, a large external relay must be used. Page Frequency Setting n When first applying power B e f o r e f i r s t a p p l y i n g p o w e rm a k e s u r e a l l connections required for your system are complete by referring to Chapter 3. You can call up a desired frequency to the VFO with the keypad or the memory transfer function see p.

Note: Even if you select the ham band, you can set the transceiver to the general coverage frequency. Page 20 The noise reduction function reduces noise components and picks out desired signals which are buried in noise. The filter selection is automatically memorized in each mode. Page Filter Setting n Filter setting When an optional filter is installed, set the optional filters in initial set mode. Optional filters are not selected by default.

Once the tuner matches an antenna, the variable capacitor angles are memorized as a preset point for each frequency range kHz steps. Therefore, when you change the frequency range, the variable capacitors are automatically preset to the memorized point.

Both keying speed and weight the ratio of dot : space : dash can be set in quick set mode. Page Memory Operation n Memory channels The transceiver has memory channels. The memory mode is very useful for quickly changing to often-used frequencies. Page Frequency Transferring n Frequency transferring The frequency and operating mode in a memory channel can be transferred to the VFO.

Page Set Mode General Set mode is used for programming infrequently changed values or conditions of functions.

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The IC has 2 separate set modes: quick set mode and initial set mode. The RF output power can be adjusted from L, 1 to 99 and H for indication, however, it can be adjusted continuously.

ICOM IC-718: Cover Long Distances With Icom 718 Multiband HF Transceiver

Note that while adjusting the output power, the power meter is displayed automatically. The delay time is selectable from 2. The default is 7. The default is on. High or Low can be selected.

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