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Shakti episode 1

Hope you like at. Actually I already wrote intro 2 months back but got only a comment so stopped. She sees two girls sleeping together holding hands. They are the first one to wake up but today…. Soumya went!?

Soumya then comes out of washroom, then she gets ready and Surbhi goes inside the washroom. Soumya reaches down and takes the blessings of Mahender, Bebe, Beeji and Nimmi. Precap- Harman and Varun. Look the world with my veiw- its beautiful!! This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Shakti 17th March 2020 Video Episode 1000

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Home Fan Fiction How much you love me? Episode 1 Shakti. Fan Fiction Shakti. By Shrinjal On Oct 12, Like 0 Dislike 0.

Shrinjal 75 posts comments. Prev Post Look the world with my veiw- its beautiful!! We recommend. Wow, Amazing Shrinju…Loved it yaar…But tell the pairs yaar….???? Shrinjal 13th Oct - pm Author.

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See our picks. See what's trending now. Its a typical Indian TV show based on story of a girl and her struggle with her life 'Madhubala'. She was born in dramatic situations on a movie stage.

Meher is coerced by her mother into marrying Sarabjeet, a widower with a 5 year-old child. But, much to her mother's dislike, Meher is pregnant with her lover, Manav's child.

Can she stand up for her love and fight her own? The show was an Indian adaptation of the popular Twilight series and The Vampire diaries but had its own distinct story. A miraculous shape-shifting snake having the power to become a human; she can be anybody she wants - a wife, a seductress, a mistress, a damsel in distress - all in the name of revenge.

Separated at childhood, Divya and Drishti attain super powers - to not only see the future, but also manipulate it. However, their own future lies in the hands of an evil Pishachini. Mishti, a young woman, is expected to settle for an arranged married by her family. However, she feels that she must get a chance to know her life partner well before tying the knot with him. A young woman comes across the man of her dreams and settles down with him.

However, post her marriage, she finds herself among manipulative people and framed for a series of murders. A chance encounter brings together Dr.

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Rohit, a heart surgeon and Sonakshi, a TV actress. Starting off on a wrong foot, they are amazed at the differences in their worlds, and what begins then is a bond that alters their lives forever. Yhe story of fierce warrior Manikarnika who was later given the name of Rani LaxmibaiQueen of Jhansi. Saraswatichandra is a man living in Dubai his life suddenly changes when it's decided that he should get married to his fathers childhood best friends daughter zarah living in India.

This story is about the struggle of a human being fighting for what is right. Surbhi wants everyone to know that Saumya is just as much a part of the society as everyone else and she is no different from the rest of us, that she is not an outcast and deserves to live a happy life and be loved the same way everyone else does. Surbhi demands answers from people as to why transgender people are treated differently and stigmatized through no fault of their own, striving for a change.

Actually, it's worst of worst ones. The director and the screen play are worst of all. The plot and all, everything in it is total non-sense. So many episodes and totally waste of time for audiences. I've saw just a few and I've already regretted of watching this. I want those time back that I waste on this show.

It doesn't even deserve to be watched. Totally garbage. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.The Episode starts with Heer keeping her hand on her forehead. Preeto asks Raavi and Sindhu to hold her. She asks Preeto why she wants to wipe out sindoor from her head. Preeto says this sindoor is of no meaning to me.

She pours water on her head from the bucket. Heer shouts asking her to stop. Mahi cries. Soham is about to stop Preeto, but Rohan stops Soham. Heer cries and says Veer ji. He says what sin she has done, she loves Virat and married him. She has not done any sin, we are doing sin by doing this.

Rohan asks him to calm down. Soham says I will not be quiet. Rohan hits Soham. Soham is shocked. Soham asks him to beat him more, but he will not leave Heer alone now.

shakti episode 1

He goes to Heer. Heer hugs him and cries. Preeto cries and sits shattered.

shakti episode 1

Raavi and Sindhu try to pacify her. Sindhu tells Raavi that they shall take her to room. Preeto cries.He shouts asking who is there? Soumya, Raavi and her husband get tensed. Raavi comes out of her room.

Soumya switches off electricity main switch. Varun asks who is there and what happened to light. Harman and others come there.

He says I will check the switch box. He checks fuse and his phone falls down. Soumya comes. Harman picks his phone and puts flash light on Soumya…. Soumya looks on shy. Sweet music plays…. Harman looks at her. Soumya says electricity is not coming. She says if anyone sees together then there will be a big drama. Harman says you have named our love as tamasha, and asks her to help him and hold the torch. She holds the torch.

Harman checks fuse and tells Soumya that main switch was off. He stares her romantically. Preeto, Harak Singh and others come there. Soumya is shocked and scared seeing her. Harak Singh asks who was there? Preeto thinks I will scold her later.Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki transl. Strength — feeling of existence is an Indian social drama television series that premiered on 30 May on Colors TV. Soumya and Surbhi are sisters who are poles apart.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

Soumya is calm and quiet while Surbhi is fun-loving and loquacious. Soumya is shunned by Maninder and Nalini but loved by Nimmi while Surbhi gets all the love and attention from them.

Soumya and Surbhi have grown up. Surbhi decides to teach a lesson to a spoilt troublemaker Harman Singh. Wanting to take revenge, Harman decides to kidnap Surbhi but ends up kidnapping Soumya. To avoid social embarrassment, Harak orders Harman to marry Soumya.

The two get married. Soon, Harman starts falling in love with Soumya who reciprocates his feelings too.

Episode #1.824

Soumya learns that she is an intersex. When she tells Harman, he is enraged. Preeto finds out about Soumya and exiles her to a transgender society. Preeto asks Harman to Mahi, but he refuses.

shakti episode 1

Nimmi dies of a heart attack, and Harman brings Soumya back to his house, but his family refuse to accept her. Preeto convinces Soumya to get Harman and Surbhi married, to which Surbhi agrees. Harman weds Surbhi but only considers her to be a friend. Kareena tries to create problems in Soumya's life but in vain.

Soon, Surbhi realizes Harman and Soumya's feelings for each other and divorces him. Soumya and Harman adopt an orphan and name him Aditya. Preeto reveals that she was married to Nihaal but after a year of their marriage, he chose mocking and left her, after which Harak wed Preeto and she later bore him Harman and Raavi. As Preeto tells Soumya's truth to the orphanage, they take away Aditya. Soumya and Harman leave the house but later Preeto permits them to stay together. Soumya is made believe that Harman loves her beauty.

Thus, she decides to live according to her identity, leaves Harman and flees to Bangkok with Mallika's help. But Harman learns about it and decides to re-win her back. Maharani kidnaps Soumya and tries to sell her, but Harman eventually comes to save her and she realizes that Harman's love is true for her.

Surbhi and Varun get married. Misunderstandings between Harak and Preeto due to Mohini led Preeto to leave the house but Soumya rescues her due to which she eventually succeeds in being accepted by Preeto. After sometime, all misunderstandings sort out and Preeto returns to her family.

Kareena succeeds in creating misunderstandings between Harman and Soumya before Harman meets with an accident. Harman decides to marry Jasleen and Soumya leaves for his happiness, but he realizes his love for her and Jasleen breaks off the wedding. Harman is too late to stop Soumya as she leaves for Ludhiana. Soumya meets a toy shopkeeper named Sameer Singh; they become friends and Soumya helps him in managing his shop.The Episode starts with Mahi asking Heer if she has gone mad?

Heer says yes, I have gone mad. Harak Singh asks her to take him out of her heart and mind. He says I have made him understand not to come near my Heer, else I will shot him directly.

Harak Singh asks why, shall I kill you?

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You are my blood, this is my family. I am not mad like you. He says you have to live, but not for us. I will not let you die or let you meet him. Heer says you are not God and tells that Mata Rani is big and superior. She asks her to ask Mata Rani, if they are made for each other.

He says neither of you are made for each other. He asks her to worship them. She says I just trust Mata Rani and not you all.

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She asks him to wait there and takes coin from her room. Raavi asks what is this? Heer says Mata rani will decide. Harak Singh says my decision is final. Heer says only she will take the decision. Preeto tells Harak Singh that if tail comes then decision will be in our favour.

Heer comes to Mata Rani and asks her to support them. Sant baksh tells Virat that Heer loves his surname, money, house and luxury. He asks what you have that any girl will love you.

Virat says if this is the case then take back your name, fame and all wealth. He says what you will take me, I myself is leaving all your wealth. He asks him to get it published in the newspapers, get the posters pasted on the wall in city, tells media that I have left everything for Heer. He says we shall do all the calculations for his family.

Sant Baksh gets angry and says you are dead for us. We have just one son, throws him out of the house and closes the door.

Virat thinks if I had left this house before then Heer would have been with me. He thinks how the people who stay in hatred walls will understand love. Heer prays to Mata Rani and tosses the coin in air. Everyone get shocked seeing head. Shanno smiles evilly.The Episode starts with Nimmi getting panicked hearing some noise and searches in the house for her daughter. She goes to terrace and looks down shockingly. She sees her husband Mahinder Singh digging the land while Bebe carrying the little girl.

Bebe asks him to bury Soumya and not to stop digging the land. Nimmi screams and comes down running. She asks Bebe to leave her daughter who is just 10 days old. Bebe says she is just 10 days old, if we bury her right now then our respect will be saved, else society will taunt us for her birth. Nimmi says she is my child. Bebe pushes her. Her husband digs the land and puts Soumya inside, and puts the sand on her.

She moves the sand and takes out Soumya from the ground.

shakti episode 1

She asks God to have mercy on the little girl and cries. Soumya cries. Nimmi cries happily as Soumya is alive, and thanks God for saving Soumya. Mahinder says what have you done? Woman says jaake rakho saiyya, marsake na koi….

She says I am not only her mum who gave her birth, but also I will live with her and die with her. If anyone keeps bad eye on her, I will take his eyes and not spare that person……. Mahinder and Bebe looks on shockingly. Shakti song plays….

After few years Nimmi wakes up and sees the cloth tied up with her hand. She sings lori and wakes up Soumya. Soumya wakes up and asks her mum to leave her now as she has woken up. She gets emotional and hugs her. Soumya tells her mum that she has brushed her teeth.

Nimmi gives her 5 stars on her hand. Soumya gets happy. Soumya gives tiffin to Surbhi. Mahinder says your mum gives tiffin late so that you gets late to go to school.

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